Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birding - 21/05/09

Amazing - a pine marten raiding a crow's nest in the middle of the day. I have seen them before but only at baited hides - good to see a proper self-found one at last.

Big Swedish family party today so slipped out for some time alone in the early morning. Tried out Torekov rev - very quiet here for birds lately but did get a red kite over the town. They are a daily occurrence hereabouts, and often drifting over the house, but this was my first bird in Torekov. Tried the wood behind the rev, to see if any migrants were about. Icterine warblers 'new-in' were singing lustily, otherwise things were quiet. Until I went in search for the source of a huge amount of mobbing just off the track. A pine marten! Unbelievable views of this animal as he darted around through the foliage, trying to outwit a determined pair of hooded crows defending their nest. Superb.

Checked out Dagshög on the way home but it was quiet for birds too. After breakfast took the kids and their grandfather out for a walk so the the house could be prepped for the big shin-dig. We went to Eskilstorp pools and had a pleasant walk. I have been going there at the end of the day mostly, so it was nice to find hairy dragonfly, four-spot chaser and Coenagrion pulchellum flying about. Birdwise a few things were noted. A fine red-backed shrike was present. A marsh warbler sang beautifully and rather disconcertingly (because I need it for Sweden) it kept slipping in a convincing snatch of quail mimicry. Nice morning.

Coenagrion pulchellum is much more frequently encountered in Sweden than it is in the UK (where it is rather local)

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