Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birding - 17/05/09

Geum rivale - at Ripagården

Kicked off this morning at Ripagården and Hovs Hallar. Ripagården produced the year-ticks with singing garden warbler (finally) and icterine warbler. Marsh warbler is also in here too and three thrush nightingales were in full song. It was a joy to be up and about in the sun this morning.

Hovs Hallar was good with some vismig action (15 yellow wagtail and a few swifts). I suspect I should spend more time here. Offshore a single summer-plumage black-throated diver was distant but nice. Suddenly there was a sound like tearing canvas and a flock of tufted duck shot over my head going hell for leather. As I locked my bins on them they were already heading out to sea and I just caught the peregrine as it came out of its unsuccessful stoop. Superb.

The view south from Hovs Hallar

Taking up a short watch over a patch of scrub at Hovs Hallar I was pleased to find my first male red-backed shrike of the year. Also here was a female cuckoo.

Green tiger beetle (Cicindela campestris) at Haga - one of two species active in the lovely weather we are getting at the moment. Terry and I had Cicindela hybridus in the dunes on Thursday.

Picking up Mrs B and the kids we went exploring in the woodland up behind Hovs Hallar, accessed from Haga. The kids did well to get round the long trail here and it was very worthwhile. I cannot believe I have never checked it out - it looks fantastic for firecrests. Near a clearing I was stunned to hear two quick 'kru-eck' calls followed immediately by a short burst of churring. Nightjar! Calling in the day! I waded in and flushed it for great flight views. Beetles occupied us greatly for the majority of the walk but towards the end I listened in disbelief to my first singing patch wryneck. As we recorded the song, a black woodpecker flew past... Nice to have a patch with five woodpeckers. Very successful family outing with another two year-ticks, one of which (wryneck) I managed to miss last year. The kids were rewarded with burgers and cakes and went paddling in the sea at Tönnersa. A great day.

Lily-of-the-valley - posted for my Mum!

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  1. Hi Phil, A great day. I have heard Nightjars calling in the day at Winterton but only very rarely and when they are fresh in. Wryneck on the patch is fantastic.. I am envious! Thanks for the garfish id.. The same Osprey was present today catching more garfish, so I guess they must be pretty common around here.. T