Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birding - 23/05/09

The consolation prize at Trönninge ängar was this spectacular male grey plover - they do not come better than this

Up and at it again this morning, with rain interfering with play so much during a tour of Eskilstorp and Petersberg (thrush nightingale and icterine warbler singing at the latter site) that I eventually sacked it off and went on another abortive spoonbill twitch to Trönninge ängar. The peripatetic little bugger had flown again overnight. Did get a brace of Temminck's stints, dunlin (1) and the grey plover pictured above. On the way home drove back through Sinarpsdalen and picked up a pair of grey wagtail. Black redstart may be breeding up here I am told, so will have to look for them soon.

Leucorrhinia rubicunda - one of four seen at acidic pools located near the E6 this afternoon

In the afternoon took the family for a walk in the woods and we found a number of small pools that were good for Leucorrhinia rubicunda. Listened out hard for firecrest but no cigar.

Leucorrhinia rubicunda again - note the costa colouration

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