Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birding - 20/05/09 and garden tick!

Take the honey and run. Shot these from the hip, just one bird through early this morning at Ripagården.

Will try and do better photos in the autumn when birds come through in bigger numbers, or may score tomorrow, who knows?

Overnight rain ensured that I was up and about early again this morning. Revisited the coast between Ripagården and Hovs Hallar but things were deadly quiet. A few yellow wagtails flying over and grounded and the latter included both flava and thunbergi males. No sign of yesterday's big warbler in the reedbed. Marsh warblers are definately 'in' now. A single male honey buzzard migrating low overhead and pictured above was the highlight.

Back at home I was quickly stuck up a ladder and from this high vantage I could hear a thrush nightingale in the woods behind the house (I cannot believe these Rob Fray tactics work). Superb and a garden tick. Mrs B had told me about the bird yesterday and I went to listen for it in the evening. Today it (or another) had moved within earshot of the house and the rest is history.

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