Friday, May 8, 2009

Birding - 08/05/09

Up at the crack of dawn this morning for a check around some likely firecrest spots on-patch. Some have been reported very close by along the Hallandåsen (the ridge I live on) recently. No joy with firecrest (a sporadic breeder in these parts) but did hear lots of wood warblers and goldcrests, as well as the first cuckoo for the year on the patch. I eventually slipped off-patch and tried at the site where firecrests have been reported this week. Nice walk, through fantastic beech forest dotted with small conifer plantations but no sign of any 'crests. Looking down from the ridge Skottorps våtmark glinted in the middle distance. I fancied checking out this site whilst I was here but I had a DIY appointment back at the house. Little did I know I would soon be there...

Chickweed wintergreen - just out and joining the abundant wood anemone and Oxalis in the forest floor flora

After DIY'ing, checked the computer to find that a black tern had been found at Skottorps våtmark. Bundled the kids into the car and we all headed out to check it out. Amazingly for a family trip we connected well. Nice site. We finished the day by trying for firecrest again but despite plenty of birdsong, no sign of the target.

Big news after DIY was this black tern, just off-patch at Skottorps våtmark

Number 1 pointed this green-veined white out to me and demanded that I take a photo

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