Sunday, May 10, 2009

Redstart - RIP


Number 1 made a grim discovery this morning. Our redstart male had collided with a window and died. The female was out and about feeding herself and the pair had adopted a box next door - not sure what stage they were at (eggs?). Presumably they will fail. Gutting. Maybe we will get another male, but the garden sounds quiet without him for now. The kids insisted on a full state funeral of course, with decorated coffin and flowers... By the way the nest-box I put up for the redstarts was nicked by a pair of pied flycatchers and they look pretty pleased with themselves. Had two males squaring off on the TV aerial today!

In the afternoon we went out to Torekov rev hoping for some waders. There were two bar-tailed godwits resting out there but no sign of yesterday's reported turnstone or purple sandpipers. A quick look in the wood produced the first spotted flycatchers of the year.

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